So you are thinking about moving a mobile home? Maybe you just bought one and are planning to move it to another park. Moving a mobile home can be a tricky thing. It is not as easy as backing up your truck and hitching your home onto it.

So how can we move a mobile home across town or possibly across state lines?

The cost of moving a mobile home

Basics of mobile home relocation

First thing to consider is the cost of mobile home movers. You will want to hire the service of a company that specializes in moving mobile homes. Although you could attempt to do it all yourself, it is suggested that you hire someone who knows more and has the proper equipment for the job.

Movers are trained and experienced enough to do this type of job. They are also insured in the case of an unforeseen event. You do not want to find yourself in an accident right in the middle of the already stressful event of moving.

Depending on how far you are planning to move the home different requirements may be required. Moving a mobile home across town is simper than moving it to another town or state. The movers will be able to help you with any legal requirements with moving to another state.

The experience that home movers have on a daily basis also helps you plan for anything you could miss. Make sure to shop around and get several estimates before choosing one. Online reviews are helpful when you are trying to decide between your final options.


The cost of moving a mobile home can vary. If the distance is short it can range from $1,000 to $5,000. If the distance is much longer it can range from $5,000 to upwards of $15,000. Distance is not the only concern that movers take into account.

The following are some things that factor into the cost:

  • Size: Mobile homes come in a variety of sizes. A bigger home might force movers to use a different route. Bigger home also means more weight.
  • Weight: A heavier home means more difficulty in setting up, installation and also more fuel consumption.
  • Permits: You will need to pay the cost of any required permits.
  • Repairs: If your home is old or it has been in place for a long time there is likely repairs and fixes that will need to be done before and/or after moving.
  • Moving materials: The moving company you hired might include a breakdown of additional cost of materials.
  • Installation services: Once your home is at the desired location you will need to install all necessary utilities plus any extra features. Moving companies usually offer a range of services including full installation.


Depending on whether you chose a full moving service you may have to do additional preparation for the move. Some moving companies offer the chance to prepare the home for transportation at an extra cost. Make sure you get a list of what they are if you choose to do this yourself.

Check with your movers about disconnecting utilities such as water, power and gas. They will most likely offer this service at an additional cost. In the case that they don’t you will need to hire professionals to take care of this.

Research and decide which utility companies you will utilize at the new location. You may have to notify them you are planning to move. It would be unfortunate to arrive at your new home location only to realize you have no water or power.

Your movers should help most of the outer preparations such as lifting the house off its foundations. You should also make sure to remove any trims or skirtings on the exterior. This will help ensure that they are not damaged during the journey.

Movers are careful about traveling at a safe speed, but you should assume that anything that can fall will fall. Secure any loose objects inside the home including furniture.

What does preparation look like?

  • Remving outer features such as trim and skirtings.
  • Removing and packing items from cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom and hallways.
  • Removing paintings, pictures and any items hanging on the walls.
  • Securing any large furniture.

If you chose to go for the movers full service (option we recommend) the preparation inside your home might be all you are required to do.


Moving a mobile home is a process with many steps but with the right help it can be painless. As with any project a well thought out preparation can save you many headaches. Make sure to start your research ahead of time. Check with various moving companies and receive several quotes.